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Dated : April 10, 2018

Navkis Educational Centre conducted “Spectrum” the Science Fest for the year 2017-18. Children displayed their understanding of science concepts by presenting it in various forms like posters, experiments, working models, street plays etc. Game counters and food counters added grandeur to the fest. the proceedings of the sales organised were given away in carity to the girls of the orphanage, ‘Need Base India’, located in Jalahalli Village, bangalore. The orphanage was in need of toiletries and lingerie which were supplied to them brought from the proceedings. navkis also took great pleasure in donating some books and old clothes.

Some joyful moments captured in the pictures…!

IMG-20180410-WA0050 IMG-20180410-WA0051 IMG-20180410-WA0056 IMG-20180410-WA0055 IMG-20180410-WA0054 IMG-20180410-WA0053 IMG-20180410-WA0052

Entrance Results of Grade – XI 2018-19

Dated : April 9, 2018

Students qualified for Grade XI.


1. Ritika Sannikere

2. Shree S N

3. Prajwalitha

4. Deepa M H

5. Anangha Karthik

6. Vidith D L

7. Aadhya R S

8. Naman Jain

9. Neha Polem Reddy

10. Darshan K S

11. Devika Santosh

12. Pranav K

13. Anagha Kalayani

14. Adithya Shetty

15. Pranjal Biradal

16. Khithi Joshi

17. Manu Priya

18. Harshada K

19. Chandan P

20. Srujana Golla

21. Sanjith Ranjan

22. Apoorva V

23. Dharshitha M

24. Hozaifa

25. Kishore

26. Mohammad

27. Namitha

28. Prateeksha

29. Sai Sathya

WIZ National Spell Bee Competition results 2018-19

Dated : April 6, 2018

The academic year 2017-18 witnessed Navkians in the swing of vocabs and spellings as the school took up WIZ National Spell Bee Competitions.

In the list of Inter school Top 10 ( Zone C – Comprises 30 schools of Bangalore North), there were 16 winners from Navkis under different categories and 8 among them qualified for State Mega Finals.

Among the Top 5 performers of the State Level  written examination ( Zone C) we have 9 rank holders qualifying for the State Mega Finals to be conducted in the month of July 2018.

The winners Name, Class  and Positions are as follows:

Inter School Spell Bee exam

Inter School Spell Bee Exam State Level Exam 
Category 1

1. Shikhar Mittal                         IE

2. Ishan Milind Chavan              IC


Category 2

1. Shamitha M                           IIA

2. Samhitha H                           IIE

3. Haripriya Das                       II A

4. Niranth Kiran Reddy           IIC


Category 3

1. Hani R                                IV D

2. Rohit N                              IV D

3. Janavi N B                         III B

4. Swara Krishna Rao          III B


Category 4

1. Shreyas S D                      VIC

2. Sanjana Karthik               VIC

3. Siri N V                            VA


Category 5

1.Tejas Varma                   VIIIA


Category 1

1. Snigdha Juluri                       IB

2. Partha V Bhat                        IC


Category 2

1. Samhitha H                           IIE

2. Haripriya Das                      II A


Category 3

1.Rohit N                                IV D

2. Srinidhi S                           IV B


Category 4

1. Palash K B                          VC

2. Hreet Bansal                       VC

spell Bee 1 Spell bee 2

Another Navkian shines at the TOI Event !!!

Dated : March 21, 2018

Times Spark  was a Scholarship Exam conducted under the Read to Lead programme – an initiative of the Times of India. Over a span of three months, one article per day was published in the paper across a range of fields like current affairs, science and technology, global development etc.

At the end, there was an online test on the 7th of Jan 2018 and followed by an interview on 20th Jan 2018 at TOI office.

NAVKIS is proud that Shruthi S Kamath of Grade XI has been one among the 300 students to be chosen from all over the country with an education grant of Rs 1 Lakh.

Congratulations!!! Keep going.

su 001 (1)

Wellness Week

Dated : March 9, 2018

Dr. Shreyas an Ayurvedic medical practitioner and alumni of Navkis conducted an interactive session on “ “Swasthya “   where the importance of a disciplined life style and its association with the holistic health of an individual was imparted to the teachers.

The method of planning a diet, what to eat and what not to eat , simple preparations for a healthy living was also explained .







IMG-20180309-WA0024 IMG-20180309-WA0027 IMG-20180309-WA0028 IMG-20180309-WA0029 (1) IMG-20180309-WA0029 IMG-20180309-WA0030 IMG-20180309-WA0031 IMG-20180309-WA0033 IMG-20180309-WA0035 IMG-20180309-WA0036


Dated :
  •  Health and wellness week was celebrated from 26th to 3rd March to create awareness on healthy living .

    The school assembly celebrated the week by conducting Quiz, Role Plays, speeches  etc .


    Dr. Deepthi , Dentist conducted a session on “Know your Oral health”- an initiative towards imbibing knowledge and awareness about the basics of oral health maintenance, amongst students.

     This session was held for students from grade I to VIII. Where each age group was targeted specifically based on their cognitive development and understanding.

    The basics of oral hygiene instructions were given which included tooth brushing techniques. All the classes from grade 3-8 were taught  about emergency management of an avulsed tooth.

     Day 1 Grade 6: A didactic session on cavity formation and the ill-effects of oral habits was conveyed. The role and importance of using mouth guards during sports was explained. Grade 7 & 8: A concentrated bunch of students had an interactive session on oral health, cavity formation and effects of diet on oral health. The causes and treatment for oral habits and related malocclusion was also explained.

    Day 2: An activity filled 2-hour session was planned and executed for the students of grade 3 where, the importance of oral hygiene and the right method to follow it was explained. The session ended with a poster making activity on “happy teeth”.

    Day 3: For grade 4 & 5 an interactive session was held in oral hygiene maintenance and the harmful effects of oral habits on the oro-facial structure was explained conceptually.

    Day 4: A simple hands-on tooth brushing program was conducted for grades 1 & 2. The value of brushing the right way and at the right time was imparted.

    D11DAY -1DAY1.B

Dr . Trupti A. K  , Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Physician also addressed the students of Grade V to VIII about the importance of eating nutritious food and she also emphasized on having proper break fast everyday .

Doctors from M S Ramaiah hospital also illuminated the students of grade VIII , X & XII on Tobacco awareness as well as on  Oral hygiene. Regular Medical Checkup was done for the entire school.

 IMG_20180301_133142 IMG_20180301_133252 IMG_20180301_133340


Celebrations of National Science Day – 2018

Dated : February 28, 2018

Staff and Students of Grade X has visited Centre for Nano Science and Soft Matters attached with BEL and attended seminars by two great personalities By Dr.P S Anil Kumar,scientist IISc on the topic         “ SPINTRONICS ” and  By Dr. Askok Ganguli Dept. of Chemistry on Imagine life without Science” on the occasion of National Science Day on 28th Feb 2018.

The inputs given by the eminent speaker’s highlights the importance of scientific temperaments and Research among children in the field of science and technology.


VIFA CUP 2018 Championship

Dated : February 27, 2018

At the recently held Vifa Cup 2018 open South Zone Taekwondo Championship Parmita K of grade VI B won the Gold in Kyorugi event and Silver in the Poomsae event in the under 40 kg – colour belt category.



At the recently concluded All India Sub Junior ranking Badminton tournament held at Gulbarga, Satwik Shankar of Grade VI C secured the runners up position in the Doubles and Bronze in the singles respectively. He also was the winner in (doubles) in All India Junior ranking held at Hyderabad .




Kabaad se Jugaad

Dated : February 23, 2018

The students of Grades I and II participated in the ‘Kabaad se Jugaad’ competition held on the 23rd of February 2018. They enjoyed transforming waste into their best and everybody appreciated the creativity of the little hands.


IMG_20180223_134818 IMG_20180223_134848 IMG_20180223_143630 IMG_20180223_143806 IMG_20180223_143825 IMG_20180223_143929 IMG_20180223_144024 IMG_20180223_144059 IMG_20180223_144131 IMG_20180223_144501

Inter-House Cultural Competitions

Dated :

The Inter-house Cultural Competitions were held on the 2nd of February, 2018. Students from Grades III to XII participated with enthusiasm and excitement. The Folk Dance Competition, which saw students from Grades III to V put their best foot forward, had the Moeven House bagging the coveted first prize. Also, the budding singers who participated in the Solo Song Competition had everybody mesmerized by their musical prowess.


Screenshot_20180223-133556 Screenshot_20180223-133614 Screenshot_20180223-133638

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