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WIZ National Spell Bee Competition results 2018-19

Dated : April 6, 2018

The academic year 2017-18 witnessed Navkians in the swing of vocabs and spellings as the school took up WIZ National Spell Bee Competitions.

In the list of Inter school Top 10 ( Zone C – Comprises 30 schools of Bangalore North), there were 16 winners from Navkis under different categories and 8 among them qualified for State Mega Finals.

Among the Top 5 performers of the State Level  written examination ( Zone C) we have 9 rank holders qualifying for the State Mega Finals to be conducted in the month of July 2018.

The winners Name, Class  and Positions are as follows:

Inter School Spell Bee exam

Inter School Spell Bee Exam State Level Exam 
Category 1

1. Shikhar Mittal                         IE

2. Ishan Milind Chavan              IC


Category 2

1. Shamitha M                           IIA

2. Samhitha H                           IIE

3. Haripriya Das                       II A

4. Niranth Kiran Reddy           IIC


Category 3

1. Hani R                                IV D

2. Rohit N                              IV D

3. Janavi N B                         III B

4. Swara Krishna Rao          III B


Category 4

1. Shreyas S D                      VIC

2. Sanjana Karthik               VIC

3. Siri N V                            VA


Category 5

1.Tejas Varma                   VIIIA


Category 1

1. Snigdha Juluri                       IB

2. Partha V Bhat                        IC


Category 2

1. Samhitha H                           IIE

2. Haripriya Das                      II A


Category 3

1.Rohit N                                IV D

2. Srinidhi S                           IV B


Category 4

1. Palash K B                          VC

2. Hreet Bansal                       VC

spell Bee 1 Spell bee 2

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