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Dated : March 9, 2018
  •  Health and wellness week was celebrated from 26th to 3rd March to create awareness on healthy living .

    The school assembly celebrated the week by conducting Quiz, Role Plays, speeches  etc .


    Dr. Deepthi , Dentist conducted a session on “Know your Oral health”- an initiative towards imbibing knowledge and awareness about the basics of oral health maintenance, amongst students.

     This session was held for students from grade I to VIII. Where each age group was targeted specifically based on their cognitive development and understanding.

    The basics of oral hygiene instructions were given which included tooth brushing techniques. All the classes from grade 3-8 were taught  about emergency management of an avulsed tooth.

     Day 1 Grade 6: A didactic session on cavity formation and the ill-effects of oral habits was conveyed. The role and importance of using mouth guards during sports was explained. Grade 7 & 8: A concentrated bunch of students had an interactive session on oral health, cavity formation and effects of diet on oral health. The causes and treatment for oral habits and related malocclusion was also explained.

    Day 2: An activity filled 2-hour session was planned and executed for the students of grade 3 where, the importance of oral hygiene and the right method to follow it was explained. The session ended with a poster making activity on “happy teeth”.

    Day 3: For grade 4 & 5 an interactive session was held in oral hygiene maintenance and the harmful effects of oral habits on the oro-facial structure was explained conceptually.

    Day 4: A simple hands-on tooth brushing program was conducted for grades 1 & 2. The value of brushing the right way and at the right time was imparted.

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Dr . Trupti A. K  , Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Physician also addressed the students of Grade V to VIII about the importance of eating nutritious food and she also emphasized on having proper break fast everyday .

Doctors from M S Ramaiah hospital also illuminated the students of grade VIII , X & XII on Tobacco awareness as well as on  Oral hygiene. Regular Medical Checkup was done for the entire school.

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