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A harmonious blend of curricular and co-curricular activities such as yoga, taekwondo, aerobics, dance, drama and music are conducted. Bhagavat Gita & Sloka classes with life skills has been introduced for the lower grades this year. Experts in the field innovate and train the students for various competitions and programs. Inter-School activities in sports, games and hobbies are encouraged. All efforts are made to develop the innate talent of the child.

Apart from the regular school semester exams, exams like ASSET, NSTSE, Science Olympiad and Math Olympiad are conducted for all the students every year.

Apart from regular academic activities, Navkis prides itself in offering the students a wide range of co-curricular activities.


Introduction of School Band

Bhagavath Gita from Pre-KG to grade IV.

school bandYoga, Aerobics, Tawekondo , drama, Dance like Contemporay & Bharathnatyam are intorduced for all classes.

These classes are being conducted by the Professionals on wednesdays & Fridays.This also culminates into a big show during annual day.



NIE Program

Newspaper in Education (NIE) programme conducted by Times of India team expose the children to skills for all round development such as calligraphy, memory enhancement techniques, theatre, quiz, career guidance and reading the newspaper among others. Through this programme, a child can learn various aspects through newspapers. The skills gained from regular newspaper exposure make each student a better learner, better problem solver and a better leader. It is an interactive programme, customized for students, and we conduct weekly workshops in the school as a part of the curriculum. This programme has been introduced in the academic year 2005-06


Taekwon do is an ancient Korean art of self defence. Literally translated: Tae means Foot; Kwon means Hand or Fist; Do means way, method, art.

Taekwondo is much more than kicking and punching. It is action philosophy designed as a complete non-violent discipline of entire body training and character building. By practicing Taekwondo, students will benefit in these ways:

Physically: Good coordination, toning reduction of weight, improved flexibility, cardio-vascular conditioning, increased strength and general fitness.

Mentally: Self confidence, self discipline, better judgment, self control, stress reduction, better self-image, positive attitude.

Philosophically: Taekwondo stands for and promotes the principles of honesty, courtesy, humility, respect, courage, generosity, loyalty and perseverance.

Students Oath:

1. I shall observe the tenets of Taekwondo.

2. I shall respect the instructor and seniors.

3. I shall never misuse Taekwondo.

4. I shall be a champion of freedom and justice.


A child not only needs to develop his/her analytical ability but skills and ability that makes him/her  capable of appreciating the beautiful things in life-Art & Craft

Art & CraftArt as a subject is very vast which has many branches of learning. When art is taught to the children, it has to be simple and enjoyable. At the basic level it is introduced with sketching, shading and painting, where all the medium of expression is through pencil and water colours.

Craft on the other hand is mainly varieties of work done with hands using different kinds of materials, which can be anything from paper to clay or match sticks to beads and buttons.

Art and Craft are interrelated since for both observation and creativity are essential.

Therefore regular exposure to art & craft will nurture not only observation but also thinking, memory and coordination skills in children which will kindle their creativity and imagination abilities.


dANCETheatre has taken a new route to build a bond between classroom education and theatrical tools, a synergy which has benefited educators. It familiarises educators with the concept of learning and using the experiential methodology of theatre to fulfill educational needs. The proportion of education and theatre needs to be carefully planned to fit each specific educational development framework.

LIFE SKILLS-Emotional Skills (I to V)

Navkis believes in the holistic development of the children and holds Life skills classes once a week in each grade to help children inculcate core values so as to become good human beings.

Social & Emotional Skills (SEL) by Dr. Nandini Mudnukar and her team are being conducted for Grade I - V

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